Frequently asked questions

Order processing

Who will manufacture my order?

All furniture designed by our company are manufactured in our own workshop. As a result, we are able to manufacture furniture to fit any room and provide vide variety of materials and accessories to choose from.

What is the price of a regular order?

The total cost of the order comprises of many factors such as its size, materials and accessories. Due to this complexity we are unable to quote a specific price range. However, we are able to provide an estimated quote based on description and sketch with measurements. Please contact us via e-mail or use “Ask for quote” tab to ask for quote and upload a file with sketch.

How long will it take to manufacture my order?

Estimated time from signing the order contract to delivery is 6-8 weeks. Estimated time depends to large extent upon complicity of the design and availability of materials at the time. We will notify you of estimated time before signing of the contract and design.

Do you design and visualise the order?

Yes, we design and visualise your chosen furniture. We use professional design software, which enables us to reflect the room arrangement of your house and design the furniture including all appliances, lightning, tiles, accessories, etc. In addition, advanced light rendering makes the final visualisation very realistic.

Do you carry out room measurements?

Yes, the date of the measurement visit will be agreed on after the initial appointment. We carry out detailed measurements at you house which allows us to design and create realistic visualisation of your furniture.

Delivery and assembly

Which countries do you deliver to?

We will deliver you order anywhere in Poland and in most European countries.

Do you deliver and assemble the furniture?

Yes, our experienced employees will deliver and assemble the furniture for you.

How many people come to assemble the furniture?

In majority of our orders we send two employees for assembly, and more in case of larger orders.

How long does it take to assemble my furniture?

The time taken to assemble your furniture depends on the number of elements, the complicity of the order and the location and room arrangement. We will give you estimated assembly time when the order is finalised.

Services and materials

Do you supply kitchen appliances such as hobs, ovens, etc.? What brands are available?

Yes, we supply all kitchen appliances if you wish to include them in your order with us. We offer wide variety of the latest appliances in attractive prices. Please contact us for details.

What materials can the cabinet doors be made out of?

We offer cabinet doors made out of:

- raw wood and wood veneer

- lacquered in high gloss and matt

- acrylic

- laminated

- covered in thermal foil.

Recently, matt-lacquered type is the most popular among our customers.

How thick and what are worktops made out of?

The thickness of the worktop depends mainly on the material type it is made out of.

We offer the following worktops:

- compact and acrylic (12.5 mm)

- granite and quartz (20-30 mm)

- laminated (38 mm)

- wooden (40-60 mm)

Do you sell kitchen sinks?

Yes, we offer different types of sinks and materials to choose from. Undermount kitchen sinks are the most popular among our customers due to several advantages such as lack of additional edges, better seal around the worktop and ease to maintain cleanliness in surrounding areas. Please contact us for details.

Can you fix inductive hobs in alignment with surface of the worktop?

Yes, we offer such fixing. Although it is a popular choice among customers, it should be remembered that both the worktop and the hobs have to be made specifically for such solution.